How to buy

There are several ways for you to buy products from our store. You can come in and visit us at our store in Katoomba. Alternatively if you see something on our website or you wish to talk to us about what you're looking for - you can email or call us. 

If you see an item in the Creations Gallery or on the website in general that you're interested in - just send us an email with the picture title (or photo name using right click, properties on the photograph) or copy/paste the picture and email that to us and we'll let you know the detailed description, availability and price.  We respond to email requests efficiently and quickly.

We are happy to help you find what you're after from our extensive range. 

We are also able to arrange shipping and insurance - both domestic and international. We specialize in shipping gemstones and jewelry to the United States of America and to Europe. Please contact us for details.

We accept most major credit cards, Paypal, wire transfer, money orders etc for your convenience.

We look forward to being of service to you!

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