Zebra Stone

The unique Zebra Stone has been placed at 600 million years in the Upper Proterozoic era or Pre-Cambrian period. The only known deposits in the world have been discovered in the East Kimberleys, Western Australia. 

The stone consists of a fine grained siliceous argillite (indurated siltstone or clay stone) with rhythmic patterns of red bands or spots contrasting sharply with a lighter background. It is not known how the regular patterns were formed, but the red stripes are colored by ferric (iron) oxide. Geologists have investigated Zebra Stone without producing any valid explanation of its origin. The stone's unsurpassed natural beauty typifies the color and spirit of Australia and some have said the stone has a special quality bringing luck.

To the left and right are fine examples of our new range of extremely well executed carvings made from Zebra Stone. The Crocodile (or Saltie) carvings are of crocs indigenous to the Kimberley area where the Zebra Stone is mined.

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