Unique Limestone Sculptures


These unique and captivating sculptures are hand carved by an artist sculptor in France. These sculptures are carved out of a single piece of limestone - of the same variety that has been used in France for centuries to build churches, make statues and carvings.

The sculptures are based on Troglodyte or cave dwellings found in Southern Europe and North Africa. These sculptures create a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere in the home. The lights and lit stairways are warm and welcoming. Some even have the added features of a fountain with water trickling down with a gentle, natural and soothing sound.

Each sculpture is unique - a real collector's item from a fine French artisan. 

These sculptures are exclusive to Wollemi Gems in Australia. You won't find these wonderful items anywhere else in Australia. 

One of these sculptures would make a great addition to any home. They are a fine work of art, calming, decorative, practical and a great conversation piece.

Drop into the store to see them or contact us for more information. These wonderful pieces are in high demand.

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